Your great Nature Escape

Nature Park Rjište



On 1050 m.a.s.l. and glorious  views all year round.

Recover your tired body on our panorama terrace in complete peace and silence away from stress. Follow the panoramic views throughout the year in a multi-award winning facility, with a total of 40 accommodation units, a fireplace in the center of our restaurant, a ski bar, a health trail, a 1 km long ski trail, a ski lift and one unique location all this and much more we offer under one Snowy Roof ...

Snježna kuća - Hotel & Restaurant

Nature Park Rujište bb 

88 000 Mostar, Bosna i Hercegovina

Info & Reservations:

Info: +387 36 502 500 

Sales: +387 63 440 231


Domestic food
Great panorama
Comfortable rooms
Snježna kuća,

Your Home away from Home

Everything but ordinary! Hidden among pine trees and pure nature, Snježna kuća (Snow House) is everything but a ordinary hotel and location. Designed literally in the heart of a nature park, the hotel is ideal for family trips, vacations or business visits. Ski trail, ski lifts, Health trail, Ski bar, Winter stand and panorama terrace are in front of our doors, and the downtown of Mostar just 18 km away.


Nature Park of BIH

Surrounded by untouched nature and endless forests. The view is cool, bright and green and the sky like a landscape. The pure munika forest is wrapped around us.

Rujište I Autumn

Celebrate life 

Provide you a sense of comfort while creating your life memories is our mission!

Everyone in Snježna kuća makes sure your stay is as comfortable as possible. Our rooms and accommodations are made to be flexible so we can make a configuration and layout that suits you. Just contact us and report your needs. What you need and when you need it, simply ask.


Your peaceful vacation home


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Snježna kuća - Hotel & Restoran

Park Prirode Rujište bb 

88 000 Mostar, Bosna i Hercegovina

Info & Rezervacije:

+387 36 502 500 ili +387 63 440 231


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